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Welcome to Hogwarts.

You have arrived and you will be sorted into one of the four Hogwarts houses: Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Gryffindor.

Pick your own or do our quiz and then you are free to wander around the castle, meet new friends (or enemies), learn magic and participate in games.

Games, you ask? Yes, in the 'internet' age they may be known as memes. Fun for some. There will also be questionnares and other activities. Hogwarts is your playground and strange things have been happening.

Including the portable computer-book you find yourself with.

Yes, it looks like a book but works like a computer/iPad and it won't ever run out of power as it is magical. This is simply a convenient device to be used for most communications, aside from face to face. Everybody is connected to it so anybody can reply (unless things are marked as 'locked' or private to certain characters).


What does this mean for the players?

Wizarding School RP is a combination freeplay panfandom roleplay set in the world of Harry Potter and meme community. All interaction (apart from the OOC community) will be in character (IC) but the rules are flexible otherwise.
Play as much as you want or just jump into a random meme scenerio. Post your own logs or threads. Answer others. The mods will be putting up random activities and plots for the staff/students to have fun with. Whether this is an ongoing story for your character or just a casual thing is up to you, the player.
But we would like you to stay!

What characters are welcome here?

Anybody! OC, AU, canon. Go for it! The setting is Hogwarts but characters from any canon or originals are all welcome to jump in and play. This includes multiples of characters. Test drive/voice testing is also very welcome.

Were do I start?

Join the community then post an introduction (can be a prose log or a video/voice/text post like on a computer network) or simply jump in a meme/questionare as they appear. No applications needed. You have to be a member to post but not to comment.
You may want to start with the sorting quiz but you are also free to choose your own house.
You may also introduce yourself in the OOC comm.

Can I start/post memes?

Sure! Anything more adult should be marked as such.
The meme or questions can be IC or just a springboard for everyone to reply to. Think of it as a bulletin board or intranet post.

Can my friends post with their characters in one meme even if they don't join the main community?

Yes, although we would love for them to join in the general roleplaying as well! Go forth and spread the word; the more the merrier!

Rule #1


Any questions, please ask them here and the mods will get back to you as soon as possible.


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